6 Tips on How to Organise a Loft

6 Tips on How to Organise a Loft

Make the Most of Your Space with These 6 Handy Tips to Organise Your Loft

Many people consider their loft to simply be ‘dead space’: a dark corner of the house where unwanted belongings are stored, gathering dust. But why not totally transform your loft and make it a great place to be? Below are six tips on how to organize a loft.

1. Insulation

Heat can escape through a poorly-insulated loft and cause heating bills to skyrocket. Investing in loft insulation is a wise choice for getting not just your loft, but your whole house in good shape. Loft insulation comes in a variety of different forms. Many people choose to use fibreglass as it is an inexpensive and long-lasting solution. Sealing up cracks with a simple sealant (which can be bought in canned form at a low price in most hardware shops) is also a good idea. Finally, if you have any kind of window in your loft, getting it double glazed will provide essential insulation. Once you have taken these important first steps, you can then start to look at how to organise your loft space.

2. Organise Your Loft Storage

Instead of littering your loft with a jumble of bin bags and upended chairs, invest in some tidy storage boxes. You will be amazed at how much space you can create. If you are planning to organise your loft space and turn it into a place where people are going to spend their time, then it is also important to ensure that your loft access is safe. Using good quality loft ladders is essential for this.

3. Let in the Light

If you’re organising the loft to create additional habitable space, then adding a skylight or a Velux window will allow the sunlight to stream in, creating a beautiful, well-lit space. Flooding your loft with natural light in this way will instantly make it seem more spacious and a much more pleasant place to be as well.

4. Redecorate

A fresh lick of paint, a new carpet or even just a little polish on the floorboards can turn your loft into a relaxing and more homely space. Choosing light colours can emphasise the sense of space and airiness in your loft, adding the perfect touch to the room. Incorporating these steps can make your space a nicer place to be and make organising your loft feel more like a project than a chore.

5. Invest in a Sofa

If you have the room, consider adding a small sofa to your loft to enable people to relax and chill out. Grab some soft cushions and an attractive throw to complete the look and you’ve got yourself your own little haven – organising your loft with a purpose!

6. Clear out Your Loft

If you plan to organise your loft then why not start with a clear out to decide which of the belongings that you have stored up there you wish to keep and which of them you want to throw away or sell. As well as freeing up extra space in your loft, selling old and unwanted furniture, clothes or books is also a great way of making some extra cash. A win-win!

Organise Your Loft with Loft Centre

At Loft Centre, we provide products that will enable you to organise your loft efficiently and even turn your space into an additional room in the house to relax and unwind. Browse our selection of fixed loft ladders, spiral staircases and space-saving stairs that will allow you to access your loft safely with ease.

If you enjoyed our 6 tips on how to organise a loft, why not give them a go yourself and create the space you have always wanted! Or get in touch with our team today for more advice and information.

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