Renovate your staircase with these 5 simple tips and ideas with painting and decorating

Renovate your staircase with these 5 simple tips and ideas with painting and decorating

Are you looking to make the most of your staircase? Do you want to ascend new heights with glorious sets of stairs, creating an excellent fluidity from level to level? Our London painting and decorating company are here to share five painting and decorating ideas and tips to make a true impact on your staircase.

In most cases, the staircase will be the first thing you see when entering an interior; therefore, it is critical to create that significant and lasting impression and set the tone for the environment and space. You may also want to experiment and showcase a fun, eccentric style to add more personality to a residential or commercial space. No matter the reason, here is how you can impress.

Painting in one bold color

Analyze the current color scheme from the space, or if it is the case of remodeling the room’s entirety, ensure you have a colour scheme in mind that will work. A simple painted in high-quality finish can make your staircase go from 0 to 100 instantly. It is selecting a bold tone to enhance your color palette or having a bold tone to create a striking and impactful contrast for a more daring design. The beauty of painting is the freedom of choice and expression. Analyse the colour of your choice, whether it is the extension of your current scheme or the contrast, and proceed with sampling the tones you believe will fit the most.

Our most recent blog post reviews the art of color schemes and how you can apply it to painting and decorating in a professional way. This is a must-read to everyone open to new color schemes and desiring the skill sets to implement for every room. If you are still stuck on color ideas, find some stylish and straightforward painting ideas from Living, or ask for assistance from a London painting and decorating company such as The Good Painter.

Two-tone Painting effect

If you don’t know the exact definition of color blocking, it essentially means using two or more colors in combination to create a striking look when put together. Of course, you can be as creative as you want within this demand.

Apply the two-tone scheme for each step or apply one tone on the tread and the other on the riser. This is a minimal, yet superb technique used with the choice of staircase material or through professional painting and decorating.

Decorating with prints

If you have any leftover wallcoverings lying around, this may become good use for decorating your staircase steps. Applying wallpaper on your steps is a creative and simple technique to add some ‘oomph’ to your staircase. Find a print that is modern and has a small-scale pattern. You can find a stunning design as simple as this intricate wallcovering ‘Rotin’, Patterns like this can establish character and benefit high traffic areas when hiding any dust or dirt accumulated. Hiring a London painting and decorating company to assist with wallpaper services will save you the hassle of a complicated and butchered job, as well as diminish the risk of losing beloved wallpaper due to inexperience.

Create an illusion

Why not replace a stair runner when painting and decorating? Think outside the box and paint a stair runner; this comes hand-in-hand with the previous point of colour blocking. Our main tip is finding the base colour that will extend your colour scheme and finding a contrasting tone to highlight it as if it were a trim. You will find a stunning result and save a tough hoovering job with a carpet runner. This is a popular painting and decorating tip which is easy and stylish.

Painting your bannisters and railings

Painting the bannisters or railings may seem like an obvious option and tip; however, you’d be surprised how many of us can neglect a fresh, high-quality paint job for staircases. Hiring a painting and decorating company in London to renovate your home, it is certain that this painting job will boost the look and impression and truly make a standpoint.

If you’d like to take a hand on this project, you may find the best techniques to paint your stair railing and bannister here. This straightforward yet practical tip will save your staircase in a heartbeat.

The painters and decorators of The Good Painter are always here to assist you with your residential or commercial painting and decorating in London.

If you are looking for a hassle-free painting job, or need assistance with a larger project, contact us for professional painting and decorating services.

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