The Latest Kitchen Trend: Mixing Metal Finishes

The Latest Kitchen Trend: Mixing Metal Finishes

Can you mix metal finishes in a kitchen?

While the thought of mixing different finishes can be slightly intimidating, it certainly doesn’t have to be! Here’s why mixing metals in your kitchen isn’t just ok – it’s awesome!

1. The elegant look of patina 

Kitchens of yesteryear were charming and eclectic with a hearty mix of pieces that created a natural patina that created a warm, embracing feel for all who entered this beloved space.

Mixing metals is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to recreate a modern version of this long-lived and beloved feel for the hub of your home. Stainless steel mixed with galvanized piping and aged brass hardware can help in creating an aged look that blend seamlessly with your modern design.

2. Layered texture & unique design

Mixing metals can help to create texture and layers in a modern and classic way. Choosing a variety of metals for your kitchen, you can create texture and layers that lend a distinctive look and feel to your design. This also ensures you aren’t limiting your space to one genre and creates the feel of a collective space that has taken years to collect. By mixing warm and cool metals within your design, you can continue to enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen for years to come – without worrying about it going out of style anytime soon!

3. Highlighting your favorite piece

Creating a focal point within your design can help to create an inviting appeal to your overall space. A stunning copper range hood can serve as the centerpiece of your design. Adding other mixed metals offer an eclectic warmth that ties the entire look together in a gorgeously unsuspecting way. like cabinet hardware, pendant lighting fixtures, and stainless-steel appliances.

4. Make your own modern farmhouse

Mixing metals goes beyond historical or transitional designs. You can also create a modern farmhouse look that mixes old and new, which we have found to be a popular style for many Bucks County homeowners. Create your stunning space by mixing shiny brass with the look of antique wrought iron that perfectly complements each other in the overall design. Adding a splash of brushed or satin finishes will help to tie everything together and create an effortlessly layered, modern look to your new farmhouse kitchen.

5. A timeless appeal

Of course, no one wants to spend the time and money on kitchen renovation – only to find it’s out of date within a few years’ time. By creating a design that incorporates a mix of metals, wood, and other materials, you can create the perfect look that will last a lifetime.

There are plenty of ways to design a timeless look for your kitchen. Create a timeless texture by incorporating dark metal finishes with a single copper centerpiece to showcase the overall design. This can be done with oil-rubbed bronze finishes found on hardware and faucets. Add more texture by adding other materials like wood, brick, and granite.

6. An impressive design

No matter what your style or taste, mixing metals in your kitchen design isn’t just ok – it’s awesome! From contemporary to majestically modern and everything in between, mixed metals are a great way to add charm, character, texture, and warmth to any size space.

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