Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Bench Space

Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Bench Space

Kitchen bench space… we’d all like more of it! But what do you do if a kitchen extension is out of the question? What do you do if you have a really small kitchen? Well, the answer is simple enough – You just need to make the most of the kitchen bench space that you do have. Read on if you want to learn about some ingenious ways to create extra kitchen bench space and our top tips for kitchen bench space ideas.

Kitchen bench space: What is it and why is it so important?

First off, we need to clarify what we actually mean by kitchen bench space. The term ‘kitchen bench’ or ‘kitchen bench space’ is essentially a catch-all phrase to cover all countertops, worktops and food preparation areas that you have in the kitchen. It’s the work zone of the kitchen. It stands to reason why extra kitchen bench space is so important and why most homeowners are interested in hearing about whatever kitchen bench space ideas they can get their hands on.

You can never really have enough worktop space. When was the last time you heard somebody complain about having too much space in the kitchen? Exactly. Have you ever heard people say that their worktop is too long? No. Too short, yes. But never too long.

You can never have too much space for food preparation, can you? After all, although kitchens have become areas for socializing, dining, and family gathering more and more in recent years; ultimately, they are still the place where food is prepared and meals are cooked.

Bench space at a premium as kitchens get smaller

Another issue about kitchen bench space is to do with the size of our homes. There are plenty of large and spacious properties up and down the country. However, as the population grows, it’s also fair to say that many of us are living in smaller spaces. New builds tend to be on the small side when compared with Victorian or 1930s properties.

With the size of properties shrinking – especially in towns and cities – kitchens in many homes and apartments are getting smaller too. We can’t all afford to upsize or to fork out for expensive extension work. So, kitchens bench space ideas become all the more important for modern living.

The good news is there are plenty of clever tips and tricks that you can employ to create extra kitchen bench space. All is not lost – even in the smallest of kitchens. There are plenty of solutions that can be used to help you free-up valuable extra worktop space. It’s always possible to create an effective space-saving and highly functional kitchen space.

How do I add bench space to my kitchen?

How much bench space is needed in a kitchen? Well, this is a difficult question to answer and it’s really a bit like the proverbial conundrum: How long is a piece of string? Firstly, a lot will depend on your individual needs. A person living alone will need less bench space than the average family. Having said that, if said person is a budding chef or baker, that might not actually be true either!

You can see the issue here. It all depends on your habits and lifestyle and particular needs. However, the space that you have available will undoubtedly impact on the productivity and functionality of the kitchen space. For this reason, creating extra kitchen bench space is right at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists for improving their kitchen.

Declutter and clear away

If your kitchen is not blessed with a lot of kitchen bench space, things can be tricky. If your kitchen is a small space or has an unusual layout that wastes space or creates dead space, it can seem impossible. Other than a complete remodel or extension, you might be forgiven that there’s little that you can do.

The truth is, we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to wasting the space we have in our kitchens. And the primary culprit is always the same thing: clutter. Appliances on countertops are repeat troublemakers that take up valuable space. Often such items aren’t actually being used all that much. Unless you are using something on a daily basis, or at least a couple of days a week, this is a big red flag waving in the air. It is signifying that you are wasting the space.

You would get far more and productive use from the space if the offending item was taken away and put in a different – easily accessible – place in the kitchen. Similarly, you’d be surprised at how many items we have littering the tops of our counters that get virtually no use at all. When this is the case, you can’t really justify keeping something, let alone allowing it to take up important space in your kitchen.

It’s time for some ruthless decluttering!

Add open shelving and reorganize  There is nothing wrong with wanting to have the items and appliances that we use a lot in an easily accessible spot in the kitchen. This is the reason why kitchen countertops are so often used as storage space. One solution to the problem of cluttered worktop surfaces is to create an extra level. Open shelving above the worktops frees up space on the countertop itself. Another bonus is that the open shelving keeps all the items you need close to hand and still within easy reach. Overall, it keeps everything neat and today. And, as the open shelving can be used to place almost anything on, it can actually help to create a lovely, homely feel to your kitchen too.

Other ways to clear your bench space: Hooks, Racks and Inserts If you use your bench tops to store utensils, pots and pans, you will probably find that there is a better and far more effective way to do things. Using the wall space with open shelving is just one of the many solutions at your disposal. Hooks are another excellent way to still have all your most-used items on display, but instead of cluttering up your kitchen worktops, you have freed up vital space. Decorative containers hung on these hooks could also accommodate other essentials such as oils and spices. Indeed, the hooks don’t even have to be fixed to the walls. Another solution would be to fix hooks onto the backs of cabinet doors.

Dishes can take up a lot of space when they are drying – but there is another way. Wall-mounted drying racks are a great solution. The rack can be installed above the sink. This way, it leaves your dishes to drain in peace, without cluttering up your bench space.

How about a sink insert?

Still on the subject of sinks, it’s important to try and make best use of all available space. If you think about it, when not in use the sink area is something of a wasted space. This is why removable inserts are such a good idea. These inserts fit over the sink to create extra space – space that can come in handy as an additional area for food preparation. There are a great range of inserts available too. The most basic ones simply create an extra flat surface. The smartest and most ingenious inserts can even include mixing bowls and integrated chopping boards.

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