Modern Home Trends for a Beautiful Loft Conversion

Modern Home Trends for a Beautiful Loft Conversion

Popular Loft Conversion Trends

The start of a new year is a very popular time for renovations and gives homeowners the opportunity to breathe fresh new life into their property. With that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to use this time to look at some of the biggest modern interior design trends that will bring your loft conversion up-to-date in 2016.

Floral is back in bloom 

Floral patterns have been creeping back into trend in recent months, appearing as canvas prints, textiles and wallpaper designs. These aren’t the same floral prints you remember from the 80s and early 90s, oh no, they’ve been reinterpreted for modern interiors. The result is a look that is altogether contemporary, classic, natural, and aesthetically mindful.

A real feel for textures 

Previous trends have focused on clean, uniformed textures, but all that is about to change. Furniture is set to have a more cosy, lived-in look and feel to them, making use of multiple materials for different textures to a single piece or room layout. So if you’re planning on using your loft as a reading room or snug, then it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new sofa.

Feature walls are what we like to see

In a bid to move away from the cold, minimalist living spaces that dominated our homes at the start of the decade, it seems that feature walls are making a comeback. A well-executed feature wall can add a sense of grandeur to even the simplest of spaces. Transforming your loft into a guest room always requires a touch of luxury, so you might want to think about ways of utilising a feature wall to give it a real sense of style.

Transitional bathroom 

The bathroom is no longer thought of as a solely functional space. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so a style that reflects how we want this space to make us feel is very important. This involves making the transition from the rest of the house more comfortable, by creating a well-decorated area that gently eases you in. If your loft has been converted to include a bathroom – perhaps as part of an ensuite – then think about ways to integrate the different areas as seamlessly as you can.

It’s looking rosy for metal finishes

Last year saw an explosion of copper and rose-gold, not just in homeware, but in fashion and tech also – even Apple released a number of rose-coloured gadgets and gizmos. Best paired with neutral tones and applied sparingly, rose-gold and copper metal finishes can otherwise look garish, so be mindful of how and where you choose to use it. One of the best (and simplest) examples is to have rose-gold door handles on cream coloured doors, for a look that is both classic and modern.

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