3 Loft Conversion Ideas That Are Popular Right Now

3 Loft Conversion Ideas That Are Popular Right Now

Loft Conversion Trends & Ideas

There’s a great deal that can be done with a loft space. Converted bedrooms and family living areas have been enjoyed for a long time, but it looks as though the trend is changing amongst homeowners, who want something different beyond traditional living spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have an untouched attic, or thinking about changing your existing converted loft space, then take a look at these very different – but equally beautiful – ideas that are extremely popular right now.

The tearoom upstairs

The nations love for homemade cakes, deserts and scrumptious confectionaries has soared in recent times – thanks largely to the very popular The Great British Bake Off – and brought back with it a growing fondness for afternoon tea. Thats right, tea and homemade cakes are back on the menu for us Brits, and what better way to embrace it than with your very own tearoom.

stunning-attic (1)

With its vintage colour pallet and chic fittings, this converted loft certainly looks the part. Its contemporary, stylish and at the same time homely and relaxed. The perfect environment for enjoying a quiet cuppa. And with a social area for breaking out the cup cakes, we can just picture this space as being very popular with family and friends.

Sewing workshop

Speaking of television programs, The Great British Sewing Bee has also been responsible for many of us taking up another new-old pastime.


Bright, relaxed and airy, this converted loft provides an ideal space for setting up your own workshop. Regardless of whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, having your own quiet space to work can be a godsend, and this gorgeous space looks sheer bliss.

Reading room

Everybody loves a good read now and then, but for the literary fanatic, finding a place to curl up with a book is often confined to the living room sofa. What they really need is a space that exudes leisure and relaxation.


Like an intriguing book that lures you in and then wraps you up, this loft conversion is as cosy as it is awe-inspiring. The layout is simple yet imaginative, playful yet relaxed. Its a lovely space that makes use of its pragmatic features to dramatic eff

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