2023 Interior Design Trends

2023 Interior Design Trends

What are the interior design trends for 2023, and why is everyone talking about them?

The years of 2020 through 2023 saw a considerable amount of global upheaval. Coming into 2023, people want a fresh start. To feel like the world is finally righting itself, many have turned to interior design trends to help them find a sense of balance and beauty. That is what the design trends this year are trying to accomplish.

Here are a few of this year’s design trends.

  • Earth Tones

The first trend to talk about is earth tones. Because it is nature-inspired, it is naturally calming, which many people prefer at this time of year. Colors like pistachio, mushroom gray, gold, jade, and lavender are predicted to make a comeback this year. These colors bring to mind an atmosphere of serenity and comfort, reminding us of nature and its soothing qualities. Color combinations include green and orange, yellow and black, and baby pink with dark green. However, remember that the top two colors of this year are pink and brown.

  • Neoclassicism 

Neoclassicism is an interior design style that uses symmetry and neutral tones in its design. The word “classical” denotes ancient Greek and Roman influence, while “neo-” is a prefix that means new. Therefore, neoclassical is a new, or modern, approach to ancient Greek and Roman designs. The neoclassical style emerged in the 18th century, emphasizing simplicity, order, and rationality. It is characterized by the use of straight lines, geometric shapes, and classical designs such as columns and pillars. Walls are typically empty, and large windows may fill a neoclassical space. The details come from places such as the base and case, where you may find intricate designs etched into them. Why is this a trend in 2023? Well, simply because of its timelessness. Neoclassicism is a newer approach to design that gets its ideas from traditional Greek or Roman periods. Designers can add an old-world feel to their work by incorporating elements from this era.

  • Paper and fabric lighting 

The next trend is paper and fabric lighting. This is a trend because it is eco-friendly and, at the same time, creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. The paper and fabric coverings filter the light, allowing it to stream into your home in the most relaxing of ways. Paper and fabric lighting is a popular trend in home lighting due to its environmental friendliness and cozy atmosphere.

  • Brutalism 

The next trend is brutalism. Brutalism is an interior design style that developed in the United Kingdom after World War II. It is characterized by an industrial aesthetic, featuring raw materials like concrete and steel that evoke the utilitarian feel of factories. It is making a comeback due to its minimalist construction. There are few or no decorative features. Brutalism is also chiefly an architectural topic; however, it is becoming more of an interior design style. The main part of this style to look for is the unfinished concrete. In 2023, this will become a trend because people want to live with a clear and clean mind, which this style accomplishes.

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