3 Ways to Turn a Room from Spare to Flair

3 Ways to Turn a Room from Spare to Flair

Upgrading the look of your home (or a room in your home) can be as easy as replacing outdated door knobs, light fixtures, or ceiling fans. But these small-scale changes might not do much to change the way your home feels, nor accomplish much when it comes to improving overall functionality or increasing ROI.

Sure you could use a spare room as an office or a guest room, or reconfigure the space to create the mudroom/utility room you’ve always wanted. All of these are great ideas for making use of areas that are no longer functional for your needs.

But, if you want to remodel a room in a way that adds joy to your everyday life and adds value to your home, we have three ideas for the perfect makeover.

A Game Room Provides Fun for Family and Friends

A game room is always a crowd favorite, and it can be designed with your hobbies in mind. Whether you are a gamer who wants multiple screens, the coolest keyboards, premium sound equipment, and the latest gaming systems—or you want to go old-school with pinball machines and arcade games, you can make the room what you want it to be. For game nights, be sure to have comfortable chairs and a table suitable for board games, poker, or Bunco. When it comes to entertaining, a pool table, table tennis, and dartboards are popular options. Outfitting the room with a mini fridge and half bath will take your game room to the next level.

Working from Home? Workout at Home Too!

A gym membership at an average gym will cost you around $700 a year, and that doesn’t include trainers, classes, or special upgrade packages to use their premier rooms or equipment. Boutique fitness centers can cost you a lot more in dues and fees. For less money, you can invest in a home gym and create a workout experience that caters to your lifestyle and fitness needs. Add mirrors, free weights, machines, a water fountain, even a shower! With a home gym, you can feel comfortable and safe exercising in the privacy of your own space—at any time, on any day, even holidays!

A Media Room With All the Theater Trimmings

Many homeowners choose to turn their spare room into a state-of-the-art media room—for home movies or College Gameday. Think the bigger the screen, the better. Or, the more screens, the better. And a premium sound system will make you feel like you’re in the action! Don’t forget comfy recliners with drink holders, USB ports, and fold-away tables for the full theater experience. All that’s left is refreshments. With a built-in bar area, you won’t have to run to concessions (or the kitchen) and risk missing a single second.

Want something more luxurious, something spectacular to set you and your house apart from all the rest? Check out this relaxation space Straight Line created for a client who wanted a specialty room for music, cigars, and more.

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